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[NEW Study] Friends Will Make You Fat (And Broke)

April 12, 2022  

By Charlie Hutton

April 12, 2022

Reality check for you today my friend.

… It’s around the six people you spend the most time with.

See, I’ve just read a NEW scientific study and it’s worse than even I thought.

… Seems now is the time to start sacking friends, family members, and others with speed and at full force – IF they fail to contribute to your cause.

Because if the latest numbers are to be believed, it’s not just them that will be fucking up your shit.

It’s much (much) worse than that.

In fact, here’s what’s now been proven.

People that you’ve never met are directly impacting how you provide and protect.

According to the study, if a friend of yours becomes fat, you are 45% more likely to gain weight over the next two to four years.

Now here’s where it gets interesting and instructive.

If a friend of your friend becomes fat, your likelihood of gaining weight increases by a whooping 20%.

… Even if you don’t know that person or have never met.

But it doesn’t end there.

It gets worse

This gravitation pull of weakness continues one more body out.

So if a friend of the friend of your friend gets fat, then you brother, are still 10% more likely to gain weight too.


Meaning that it’s now been scientifically proven, with 30 years of data, that…

… Not only do your friends make you fat, but so do their friends, and so do their friends of friends.

Now I suspect that this phenomenon doesn’t just apply to getting fat but also applies to:

  • Wealth
  • Success
  • Loyalty
  • And Respect

It comes back to One Man Empire Iron Law #3

Contamination: Avoid The Weak Willed & The Weak Minded.

Begging the question, as the other hammer starts to drop, are you happy to leave your fate in the hands of the people that you currently spending your most time with?

I suspect that if you’re like the other smart ambitious men that have trodden this path before you, then you already know the answer.

… And you probably already know if you are being picked you up or pulled down.

It’s why here and inside of this movement every man that chooses to apply to join us is screened, vetted and assessed before being allowed in.

  • It protects the group.
  • It raises its average.
  • It rigs the games.
  • It removes weakness.
  • It forces results.

More on that here:


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