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[New Study] How To Motivate People To Buy

October 6, 2020  

By Charlie Hutton

October 6, 2020

Ok, so this came in last week from Mike in Norfolk :

“Charlie, I like your stuff, especially the parts on psychology.

As a business owner, I’m always thinking about human beings, motivation, and intention. What motivates my customers to act a certain way…

Is it self-interest?

Is it greed?

Is it guilt?

Do they feel compelled to buy or act in way because society tells them it’s the right way to act?

Appreciate your thoughts,


Nice line of thought, Mike in Norfolk…

Now, truth is, when it comes to peoples motivations there are all sorts of theories.

… BUT here’s what interesting, because right now, Yale is spending a whole lot of money to try to figure it out.

Wanna know why?


Yep, Yale is trying to figure out the best way to get people to take the new COVID vaccine (if one becomes available).

Fuck, and I mean, can you believe that?

  • … They’re actually testing what message will get people to take a vaccine.
  • … They’re testing how to make you feel guilty if you don’t get it…

And they’re testing how to convince people to tell their friends to get it too…


… To get the masses to fall in line and take a shot in an arm – by using psychology.

Which brings me back to Mike and the point of this email.

Because the answer to your customer’s deepest, darkest, motivations to giving you money lye in TESTING.

And testing what makes your customers respond.

Self-interest? Guilt? Greed?

… Who knows.

Test and let the numbers decide.

Because now more than ever, testing your messages is of vital importance.

As the new economy emergers and trends subtly shift, those that rest on their laurels and “the old way” of doing things, will fail fast.

If history has taught us anything it will be those that test what their that customers want RIGHT NOW and in this NEW MARKET, that will always come out on top.

Because fact (and data) will always trump opinion.

It’s why those that come looking for the facts about what the men around The Fellowship are doing, see results.

Results that have come from test, after test, after test.

It’s how we eliminate guesswork.

… By starting to test what is working right.

And then reporting back to the men around the table.

And BTW, in case you’re wondering…

We’ve currently got one seat left around the table here inside The Fellowship.

It’s rare that they open up, and when they do, they go fast.

Meaning if you want to be considered, so you can start to remove the stress, remove the confusion and remove the guesswork…

… So that you can finally take back control, then it all starts here, and with you making the decision to fill out an application.


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