The Saga Of The Muddy Boots

April 14, 2024  

By Charlie Hutton

April 14, 2024

Meet my son, the master procrastinator….  

When it comes to doing stuff he doesn’t like, or ignoring problems, Barney is a pro. 

Time for homework? 

He needs to urgently sharpen the pencils.

All the pencils 


His Lego needs sorting.  

Maybe his Technic Lego too. 

Cleaning his rugby boots? 

Well, he’s gonna straight up ignore them. 

Dump them in the utility room and hope someone else takes pity on him, or hope they magically clean themselves. 

And the other week those boots got him in trouble… 

Those muddy feckers sat in the utility room for days. 

All the way until his next practice. 

When he realised…

“Oh no, I’m gonna be late Dad! I’ll have to do laps if I’m late!’ 

And late he was, and laps he did do. 

On the short drive home, I asked: 

“What do you think made you late? ” 

“Cos my boots were dirty?” 

“No, because you didn’t clean them.” 

He pondered in silence for a while. 

When we got home, he threw his kit in the wash and cleaned the boots. 

Or at least made them look more like boots and less like a mud mountain. 

And It was a useful reminder… 

Time doesn’t solve problems.

Ignoring that douchebag customer won’t make them go away. 

Ignoring that ballache project won’t make it profitabler. 

Ignoring your muddy boots won’t make them clean. 

In this life the best way to fix problems?

Take action. 

It’s time to clean your boots. 

Until next time. 

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Charlie Hutton 


Founder Of The One Man Empire Movement.

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