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The War of Choice (Decisions & Fate)

January 11, 2022  

By Charlie Hutton

January 11, 2022

Fuck me, I’ve got no idea how the masses manage to make it through the day.

I’ve just filled up the car and heard these fateful words uttered on the forecourt:

“Yeah it’s gaffer’s fault – he refuses to pay me more money…”

A statement that was made ten times worse by the fact that he then described everything that was wrong with his job, his wife and his kids.

Classic victim mentality.

The choice to pass the buck, pass the blame and pass the responsibility for arsehole actions, crap circumstances and shitty situations.

Now, don’t know about you, but for me, I’ve always lived and died by these  four words:

“Life is about choices.”

A phrase that’s I’d have you consider right now, could not be more true.

… Because let’s face it, whether you want to admit it or not, you are where you are because you CHOOSE to be.

• You win because you choose you win.

• You fight because you choose to fight.

• You are self-made because you choose to be self-made.

Or in other words…

… Show me a man who OWNs his choices and I will show you a man who will succeed no matter the tornado of shit.

Truth is, all the other shit that you get peddled online is a red herring UNLESS you have the iron discipline to own your situation and conquer yourself first.

Because as I see it, the foundation of being successful in today’s fucked up blur of boom and bust is not about the money.

Money is a direct side effect of reviving your own internal culture of honour.

… And that my friend means ruthlessly owning your choices.

• No matter how good.

• No matter how bad.

• No Matter how indifferent.

It’s time to consider that as 2022 rolls in, it will be the men who choose to live and die by their own swords that will be the ones who can truly provide and protect for themselves, their family and their tribe.

Meaning today my friend, it’s time to ask yourself are you REALLY, owning your shit or have you started to succumb to the gravitational pull of victimhood?

Either way, you have been warned.

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Charlie Hutton


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