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Inside my secret club of dysfunctional men

May 2, 2023  

By Charlie Hutton

May 2, 2023

Instructive question in from Naz about my groups, the men in them and if you are a good fit:  


“Charlie, what you say is always quality advice. 

I’m setting up a new legal practice and I’m seriously thinking of applying to join one of your groups.

But I’m not bolshie or blokey. I’m a bookish introvert from Manchester. 

Who is already inside? Will I fit in?!?” 


A good question and a good moment for me to cover… 

… Who exactly is inside this secret club.

#1 – All are first-generation wealth. 

That means they didn’t inherit wealth or an empire from Daddy. 

They also didn’t marry into it. 

Most are first-generation business owners, and the first in their families to not have a job. 

The vast majority started building their business from the ground up with grit, determination, and graft.

Some come from good backgrounds, some from average backgrounds and some from eye-watering poverty. 

#2 – All are men based in the UK. 

Every man inside is UK based, whether that be at the top of Inverness, the bottom of Devon, or anywhere in between. 

Some sell to other countries. 

Some live abroad for parts of the year. 

… But their businesses are all based here. 

#3 – Most operate a One Man Empire business model. 

Meaning that they are ruthlessly focused on pushing to 1M+ without an army of employees.

Right now there is a member with a technical engineering business hitting 48k per month with no staff.

An electrician hitting £115K a month with 5 members of the team… 

… And an online retailer at £102k per month with just one other member of staff.

Plus I have a handful who break the mould and are pushing £5M, £10M even £20M with additional staff in the mix.  

… B-U-T let me be clear, that was not their starting point.

When most made the decision to apply and start this journey they were flatlined at £15K-£30K per month, looking to scale and in need of help.

#4 – All are dysfunctional in one way or another. 

Every man (including me) inside suffers from ‘business owner dysfunction’ in one way or another…

Divorce, dyslexia, ADHD, bankruptcy, alcohol abuse, and past business failure are some of the badges on honour that are worn around my table. 

In other words, most are not deemed normal, by the rank-and-file mediocre majority.

… Probably why they set up in business in the first place.

#5 – On paper, they have very little in common.  

When you see members together you quickly realise they have very little in common. 

They look different, act different, talk different, have different religions, have different interests…

  • There are shy introverts and wild extroverts. 
  • Blokey-blokes and book-ish men. 
  • Technophobes and tech wizards.
  • Fancy qualifications and school dropouts. 
  • Red wine lovers and tee-total. 
  • Ultra-marathon runners and boxset bingers.  

Truth is, I could write for days about their differences, and this would be pointless. 

See, whilst on the surface they have very little in common, the critical thing they do have in common is a ruthless focus on profit and freedom. 

This means that inside these four walls…

You can say what you what, without judgment. 

You can let your guard down without judgment. 

You can be yourself without judgment.

Which brings me back to Naz, his question and his specific situation.

The short answer?

Naz, do not apply. 

Not because you’re a lawyer…

… but because what I do here is not for brand-new businesses. 

It’s for those that have started and are looking for scale.

So, if you’re not a new business, and you’re not a lawyer (or a recruitment consultant for that matter) and you want to push to1M+ without adding more employees, then here’s what to do next:

  1. Read the page below
  2. Fill in the application 
  3. Let’s talk 


Make More. Provide More. Be More.

Charlie Hutton


Founder Of The One Man Empire Movement.

Make More. Provide More. Be More.

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