When AI goes wrong

April 9, 2024  

By Charlie Hutton

April 9, 2024

The other day I witnessed an AI disaster…

Some junky sales pitch from a supposed ‘marketing hero.’

Now, not gonna say who this was from, or what they were selling…  

But it’s safe to say it was like microwaved ice cream. 

All the flavours were there, but the texture was all wrong. 

The author got burned in the comments. 

“When AI goes wrong.” 

…Was the least of it. 

And whilst it was easy for the internet dwellers to take the mickey, most focused their attention on the wrong enemy. 

Chances are, AI wasn’t to blame for this microwaved ice cream. 

The problem was all flesh and bone… 

Because humans mess up almost all the time. 

We are unreliable as hell. 

Not saying this justifies this guy. 

He put ‘crap’ into a system… he got ‘crap’ out… and he didn’t check it before splashing it all over the internet. 

And that’s on him. 

Yet, I get it. 

Here’s a list of things I’ve fcuked up today: 

  • Put the wrong milk in my coffee. 
  • Forgot to sign a form for a school trip. 
  • Booked the wrong hotel for a meeting.
  • Broke the printer.
  • Double booked over a secret ‘off the books’ lunch.

And it isn’t even 9 am yet. 

Plus, let’s be clear, this is me – someone who runs his business and cares deeply about it. 

Imagine what an employee is fudging up. 

And imagine how bad it gets when they’re sick… or when they’re tired… or when they’re distracted with their latest Tinder date. 

Sure, AI ain’t perfect. 

Nothing is. 

And you need folks to show you the right way to use it. 

Yet, given the odds, I trust it over a human any day. 

It’s why I built the app for men inside One Man Empire. 

My AI gets the work done – no humans required. 

Plus the AI is built the right way. 

Designed by me to funnel money into your pocket and push you to £1m+ without that army of employees. 

Doing this like… 

  • Quotes – done for you 
  • Website – done for you 
  • Sales emails – done for you 
  • Content – done for you 
  • Follow up – done for you
  • Social media – done for you 
  • Google Ads – done for you 
  • Delivery warm-up – done for you 
  • Delivery follow-up – done for you 
  • Facebook Ads – done for you 

And that is only half of it. 

It’s how John scaled from the brink of bankruptcy to £65K a month.

Paul scaled from a five-year plateau to £115K a month.

And how Alan scaled to £105k a month.

Truth is, automation and AI are here. 

Some will ignore it and get left behind. 

Some will fcuk it up royally. 

And some will fly to the moon. 

And if you’re ready to fly to the moon and you’re ready to scale to £1M+ without an army of employees… 

Here’s what to do next:

  1. Read the page below
  2. Fill in the application 
  3. Let’s talk 


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